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Water is a good essential to life

During natural disasters or wars, people are deprived of drinking water (damaged or destroyed water systems).

Often the only available water is contaminated and unfit for consumption.


Or improper water use kills worldwide (waterborne diseases).

To prevent the spread of waterbrone diseases (cholera, diarrhea, dysentry, typhoid fever etc), it is crucial to be able to supply drinking water to the affected populations in the early hours of an emergency situation.


In humanitarian emergencies, the production of drinking water is a major problem.

In emergency situations, following natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, typhoons, cyclones etc) or conflicts,

immediate assistance is needed to restore access to safe drinking water for disaster victims ;

lack of clean water can be fatal in a short time.


That's why we designed and built for the specific needs of humanitarian emergency, a mobile drinking water production unit, the E.D.W.B.U (Emergency Drinking Water Built-In Unit) :

* an independant, compact and strong mobile water potabilization unit
* able to provide drinking water from the first moment of a disaster
* easily transportable by air, sea and land
* which potabilizes any surface water (lakes, rivers, wells, water from flooding or damaged pipes etc)
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